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14.06.2022 Theatre Bugs – Singin’ in the Rain


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Contemporary at THE STUDIO

Though many concepts of contemporary dance are taught to our students from an early age during Modern and Ballet syllabus classes, the specific Contemporary style is suitable for pure study from school year 7 and above as a syllabus short course held out of STUDIO term time. ISTD Examinations for Contemporary are available throughout the year and teaching is delivered by Miss Emilie. Trained directly by the senior members of the ISTD Contemporary faculty, during her career, Miss Emilie has taught alongside numerous professionals at one of London’s leading performing arts college. With a wealth of experience and skill, her knowledge and detail is second to none which is always reflected in her students progress, examination results and joy for the style.
Please note that places for any of our syllabus pods are limited, Miss Emilie maintains small working groups in order to keep the quality of training high.

The Contemporary Dance Syllabus

Created by Dr Ross McKim, the well-known dancer, choreographer, philosopher, and Artistic Director of the Rambert School, our Contemporary dance syllabus is informed by Eastern concepts of subtle energy and draws influence from choreographers Graham, Hawkins and Cohan. This syllabus aims to introduce students to the fundamentals of Contemporary dance technique and performance by approaching different movement themes at each level, specially created solos and the inclusion of structured improvisation to enable students to explore, develop and create their own movement vocabulary. The ISTD have developed three levels of the syllabus: Intermediate Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced 1.

The History of Contemporary Dance

Contemporary dance history has its roots in the 20th century when American dancers rebelled against the strict rules of ballet in order to develop a more natural way of dancing. What is called ‘Contemporary Dance’ in Britain grew out of the ‘Modern Dance’ that arose in Central Europe and the USA. Thus, important here, amongst others in Central Europe, were Rudolf Laban, Harold Kreutzbeg and later Mary Wigman and Kurt Joss. In the USA there were Ruth St, Denis and Ted Shawn, Isadora Duncan and later Doris Humphrey, Martha Graham, Merce Cunningham and Robert Cohan. Always changing and ever-evolving, contemporary dance techniques encourage and reward creative freedom and artistic expression.