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14.06.2022 Theatre Bugs – Singin’ in the Rain

Syllabus Family Membership

£3.00 / month

Both of our membership plans offer the opportunity for us to collect the information we need to keep our families in touch and up to date with STUDIO news, and importantly, keep our students safe in our care.  If you’re looking to enjoy our range of short courses which provide great tuition on a purely recreational level, then a free standard membership will be all you need.  Those looking to train on a more technical level under the expertise of Miss Emilie Hardy to work through examinations will need a Syllabus Family Membership which is set at a nominal monthly fee.

Important information

All students will require a membership to be in place before attending THE STUDIO.  If you’re visiting us on a taster session, please still set up the appropriate membership before your class.  For the purpose of insurance, safeguarding, and safe dance practice, we must have the relevant information for any learners within our care before they start their STUDIO journey.  Once you’re a member, all of your information can then be entered via your STUDIO dashboard which you can edit at any time.

When setting up your membership, you’ll find that you need to purchase this initially on its own and then revisit the site to complete your dashboard and make any further bookings, you won’t be able to purchase your appropriate membership along with courses and uniform for example, our system needs to recognise you as a STUDIO Family Member first.  Once you’re a member of our family then you’re all set! Please remember we rely on your up to date info in order to give the best possible service. Thank you.

Please follow the link below to access:

  • Kit List
  • Uniform List
  • Term Dates
  • Examination Information

This must be worn in all of the following classes:

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Get Kitted out for Class

Each of our classes have a required list of STUDIO kit items.  Our uniform lists have been carefully selected not only to make learners feel comfortable and look fantastic, but with expert knowledge on the very best tools for the job.

Be sure to check out our range of STUDIO merchandise too, excellent for gift ideas or end of term treats!