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TRIX Taster Session


This booking covers 1 “Taster” session for TRIX.

Acrobatics combines dance technique with exciting movements and tricks, hence our STUDIO class name: TRIX.

Students can enjoy learning a wide variety of acrobatic elements such as cartwheels, roundoffs, aerials, handsprings, walkovers, Valdez, hand walking and more. TRIX is one of our more physically demanding classes and will not only build great strength, control and flexibility but equip students with some super wow moments to incorporate into their dance routines. Excellent for our competing students or simply just for fun.

Aside from the solo tricks mentioned above, our students also study double tricks, also known as partnering tricks plus group tricks such as human pyramids and lifts and falls.

  • Suitable for School Years 1+
  • Level 1 – Friday 05:55pm – 07:00pm
  • Level 2 (Advanced) – Friday 05:25pm – 07:30pm

Important information

We are really proud to have something to cater not just for all ages, backgrounds and experience levels, but for those families who might seek something purely on a recreational level as appose to a structured training program.  Our range of cost-effective short courses are covered by a weekly 60-minute class, running for 36 weeks of the year across 3 academic terms: Autumn, Spring and Summer.

All Short Courses are bookable per 6-week half term which is covered by one booking.

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Get Kitted out for Class

With the exception of our adult short courses, each of our classes have a required list of STUDIO kit items.  Our uniform lists have been carefully selected not only to make learners feel comfortable and look fantastic, but with expert knowledge on the very best tools for the job.

Be sure to check out our range of STUDIO merchandise too, excellent for gift ideas or end of term treats!

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