Short Courses for Fun

We are really proud to have something to cater not just for all ages, backgrounds and experience levels, but for those families who might seek something purely on a recreational level as appose to a structured training program. 


Wings & Wands - Early Years

Wings & Wands is an imaginative dance class for our youngest learners.  At this stage, classes are about setting up the fundamental skills such as balance and coordination, rhythm and timing, body control, and spatial awareness.  We help to instil the foundation dance steps which include, skipping, galloping, running and walking on toes, jumping, hopping, managing tempo changes, body shapes, use of directions and understanding the left and right side of the body.  All of the above are taught through a range of fun and engaging activities which follow a class theme that we change every few weeks.  Lessons are centred around having fun and building confidence, children always learn best when having fun. Everyone is encouraged to try everything; and will always find plenty of praise, even if something hasn’t quite yet been mastered. The early years foundation stage (EYFS) sets government standards for the learning, development and care of our children in England from birth to 5 years old.  As an organisation for dance and theatre we will primarily help with your child’s physical and expressive development however, we are also able to nurture many of the other areas of EYFS learning too. Communication & language, personal, social & emotional development, understanding the world and even literacy & mathematics are all incorporated into our fun, play based activities.

Universal Dance

For students who wish to learn purely for fun without the pressure of exams or regular performances.

This compact and cost-effective class is perfect for learning a range of generic dance skills, improving fitness and meeting friends to celebrate a love of dance with.

Explore street dance, jazz, breakdance, hip hop, modern and more.  Suitable for all ages and abilities.


Develop your acrobatic and tumbling skills.  Sessions will enhance your balance, co-ordination, strength and flexibility.

Explore a range of exciting TRIX that will not only be fun and rewarding to learn but set you up with some fabulous wow moments ready to incorporate into your dance routines.

STUDIO Bros. - Boys Only

‘STUDIO Bros’ includes a mixture of exercises and warmups specifically for male strength and fitness, break dance technique, and street style routines… ballet, no leotards and especially for boys with a central aim towards getting them involved and enthusiastic about dance.

We are 100% behind ways to encourage and nurture more lads to take up dance alongside their other activities or even as their main activity should they desire. For confidence, creative and artistic development, physical strength, stamina, body control, balance and coordination, flexibility, a healthy mind, lifelong awareness of keeping fit and healthily, musicality, friendship and most of all fun! Unlike many other pursuits, dance really can tick all the boxes.

Body Conditioning

Develop your fitness, strength and flexibility with Emma. Sessions will build students stamina through dance and workout style exercises.

In lessons, Emma will run through workout routines and exercises to keep everyone, strong, fit and flexible.

Holiday SOS - School's Out at THE STUDIO

When schools out, we all need an SOS, maybe as a busy working parent or a kid seeking fun with friends.

Our SOS days offer a packed day of activities with the option of early drop off and later pick up. From Street dance and drama to crafts and riverside walks, we switch up our schedule to match the time of year with tonnes of variety to match Halloween, Christmas, Easter and Summer fun…always with an emphasis on getting the children outside as much as possible.

Suitable for school children reception age and above with small activity age groups planned for each session. 

Regular day session 10am-4pm

Early drop off 8.30am

Later pick up 5.30pm