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🌈🌸THE STUDIO Summer “Forget Me Not” Challenge 2021🌸🌈

We are not only passionate about theatre & dance at THE STUDIO, but also care for the environment, recycling & wildlife. Enjoy taking part in our challenge this summer and grow some “Forget Me Not” wild flowers to plant next spring. Heres what to do: 1. Fill your recycled can with almost all of the compost (be careful of any sharp edges) 2. Sprinkle your seeds on the top�3. Cover them up with the rest of the compost�4. Put your new planter on a small plate or tray to catch the water drips 5. Give your seeds a drink (water lightly so you don’t wash away your seeds)�6. Find a sunny windowsill to home your ‘Forget Me Nots’ until the spring & keep watering them well. With lots of sunshine, love & water, your seeds will begin to grow & will be ready to plant after the winter. �Remember that ‘Forget Me Nots’ self seed very easily, you can either introduce them to your own garden or, we would love them to plant in THE STUDIO garden to make a team effort haze of pretty blue flowers. �📸Photo Time!📸�We would love some photos of your planting, watering, and growing experiences, so please send your “Forget Me Not Challenge” photographs to us so that we can share with our social media audience & the rest of THE STUDIO family. On behalf of the whole team, we wish you a wonderful summer full of fun & sunshine, you have all been simply amazing. We look forward to seeing you for the start of a new and exciting year at THE STUDIO.�Miss Emilie, Emma, Inga & Megan x x x x

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