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Street Dance

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THE STUDIO Junior Street Group

Street Dance at THE STUDIO

Though many concepts of Street are taught to our students from an early age in our Modern syllabus classes, the specific Street Dance style is suitable for pure study from school year 1 and above as a syllabus short course held out of STUDIO term time. Examinations for ISTD Street Dance are available throughout the year.

Street Dance is also the predominant focus for our popular short courses for fun such as Universal Dance and STUDIO Bros, be sure to check our STUDIO short courses if you’re looking for a regular weekly Street inspired class.

The History of Street Dance

As with all forms of modern popular dance, the evolvement and development of styles are largely influenced by current music trends and promos/videos. Street Dance has moved a long way since the birth of hip hop in the early 1980’s with many different styles now falling under the banner. The original funk and hip hop styles are now classified as “Old School” with the newer styles having a distinction in their own right.

Street dance evolved from popular culture and social dance in America during the 1970s and it has since spread internationally. People would dance anywhere that had an open available space: a park, a street or a party. An important feature of street dance is that this was not a style that was ‘learned’ within a studio under formal tuition, but it was improvised in an informal space. As such, it involved interaction between the dancers and dancers/watchers and encouraged creativity in the making up and structuring of movement.

Popping, Locking and Breaking are three foundation funk styles which come under the umbrella term of Street Dance. Popping and Locking started in the early 1970’s funk era in California, USA. Breaking or Bboying started in the Bronx in New York in the late 1970s but came to the world’s attention through films such as Wild Style and Breakdance in the 1980s.

The significant feature of the history of Street Dance was that it was the dance of young people. It offered opportunities for creative expression, gave a sense of freedom and a ‘voice’ to unrepresented and often invisible communities through the means of music and dance. Despite the improvisational nature of these street dances, participants wanted to learn their vocabularies and skills, to enable teachers to pass these on with safety and a high level of execution, Street Dance was incorporated in to the DFR Faculty and the first syllabus was offered in 2010.

Our syllabus promotes an appreciation and enjoyment of Street Dance and has been developed for students to gain a thorough understanding of the various styles and rhythmic expressions of this popular dance form. We are proud that our medals are inclusive meaning those with disabilities or learning difficulties are able to participate and we offer a variety of levels so that beginners and more experienced pupils can take part.